Director's Message

The Biologic Therapeutics Center (BTC) seeks to foster the development and implementation of translational efforts at Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM).  Working in tandem with other devoted enterprises on the medical school campus, the BTC’s efforts focus on the development and maintenance of key infrastructure to support this mission.  At the didactic level, the BTC is administering a seminar series to bring to WUSM prominent investigators to highlight productive bench-to-bed efforts.  Direct support for translational enterprises of WUSM faculty is provided by the technical and administrative efforts of the Biologic Therapeutics Core Facility (BTCF).  Jointly operated with the Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center, the BTCF provides cGMP agents for human clinical trials and facilitates the submission of IND applications.  In the aggregate, our efforts seek to create an ethos at WUSM which supports the translation of discovery science into novel patient impact therapeutics.

Biologic Therapeutics Center

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Biologic Therapeutics Center
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