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Meeting Program

Our mission is to become a truly International Society for clinicians and scientists alike. The main focus of the Society is to foster camaraderie and scientific collaboration between scientists and clinicians around the world in cell and gene therapies of cancer.

The ISCGT is totally unique as it works closely with national societies and organizations, in close collaboration with local clinicians, to promote cell and gene therapies for cancer.

The ISCGT has now held numerous meetings in the USA and UK, as well as conferences in France, Germany, Italy, Egypt and Singapore.

For additional information about ISCGT visit http://iscgt.net/.


We invite you to participate in the Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Cell and Gene Therapy of Cancer (ISCGT) in Amsterdam over September 25th-27th, 2014. 

We will highlight at our meeting the most cutting edge discoveries in translational development of molecular therapeutics and diagnostics for cancer.  As always, our unique focus on bench-to-bed development will allow us to highlight the most exciting high-impact findings.

We are especially pleased to enjoy this year support from two major cancer centers who are partnering to sponsor our meeting—the Siteman Cancer Center of the Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine and the VU University Medical Center—Cancer Center Amsterdam.

We are also most excited to confirm the participation of Drs. Hans Clevers and Ton Schumacher as our Keynote Speakers. 


The ISCGT Amsterdam 2014 Official Meeting Program includes comprehensive meeting information, including travel directions, keynote speakers and special guests, social and scientific programming, abstracts, sponsors and directory.  This document is 44 pages in length.

Please note all registrants will receive a copy of ISCGT Amsterdam 2014 Official Meeting Program upon arrival at the VUmc. 

The ISCGT Amsterdam Program Guide includes information on social and scientific programming.  This document is six pages in length.

*Please note the final program will be confirmed on September 1st 2014. 

Confirmed Speakers

  • David T Curiel, MD, PhD (Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine-USA)
  • Geert Kazemier MD, PhD (Director, VUmc Cancer Center-The Netherlands)
  • Dennis Hallahan, MD (Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine-USA) 
    Victor van Beusechem (VUmc Cancer Center-The Netherlands)
  • Manfred Dietel (University Hospital Charité-Germany)
  • Jeff Arbeit, MD (Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine-USA)
  • Albert Deisseroth MD, PhD (United States Food and Drug Administration-USA)
  • Ton Schumacher, PhD  (The Netherlands Cancer Institute-The Netherlands)
  • Barbara Guinn, PhD (University of Bedfordshire)
  • Tanja de Gruijl, PhD (VUmc Cancer Center-The Netherlands)
  • Carl Figdor, PhD (Nijmegen Centre for Molecular Life-The Netherlands)
  • Farzin Farzaneh D.Phil. FRCPath. FSB (King’s College London-UK)
  • Toos Daemen, PhD (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)
  • Mark Tangney, PhD (Cork Cancer Research Centre-Ireland)
  • Chae-ok Yun (Hanyang University-South Korea)
  • Nagy Habib, PhD (Imperial College London-UK)
  • David Klatzmann, MD (Hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière-France)
  • Nori Kasahara, MD, PhD (University of Miami-USA)
  • Chris Bangma, MD, PhD (Erasmus University & Academic Hospital Rotterdam-The Netherlands)
  • Hans Clevers, MD, PhD (Hubrecht Institute-The Netherlands)
  • Rob Coppes, PhD (University Medical Center Groningen-The Netherlands)
  • Carolyn J. Henry, DVM, MS, DACVIM  (University of Missouri-USA)
  • Len Seymour (University of Oxford-UK)
  • Steve Russell, MD, PhD (Mayo Clinic-USA)
  • Rob Hoeben, PhD (Leiden University-The Netherlands)
  • Steve Russell, MD, PhD (Mayo Clinic-USA)
  • Rob Hoeben, PhD (Leiden University-The Netherlands)


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